Johnny Zhang
Now, you are not suppose to find the VM's IP address from the host. But if you really want to. Here is the steps.
We talked about the use of "ft-stats" and "vmware-vimdump". so we can use those two command together to find the guest IP address that we are looking for

1. Let's find the VM's name by using "ft-stats -lv" (let's use BCS-VC40-1)
2. Now we can use "vmware-vimdump | less" and search for hostname (/hostname)
Johnny Zhang
Not many people are running FT VMs. and even less people know about the ft-stats command. Now if you don't use a FT vm what this command can give you?

Answer: a fast report on the vmid and path to your VMs

"ft-stats -lv"

Now Why the state is set as "Not Configured"? Because none of the VM was configured as a FT VM