Johnny Zhang
Many times, we need to find storage information on ESX servers when work with the storage teams. 'vmware-vim-cmd' commands can help us to pull those information quickly
There are many useful information we can pull out from 'vmware-vim-cmd' commands. I will list three of them here.

1. vmware-vim-cmd "hostsvc/summary/fsvolume"

This command will link your data store's friendly name with the path and the LUN Ids. It will also allow you to verify the file system type and if any of them went read only on you.

2. vmware-vim-cmd "hostsvc/summary/hba"
This command gives information on the physical HBA's PCI Ids, currently used driver, model and speed.

vmware-vim-cmd "hostsvc/summary/scsilun"
This is extremely useful since the UUID out put from this command is what the SAN team really understand.
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