Johnny Zhang
Not like everyone will find this is useful, but it's just cool to know that we can do this!
Yes, you can use VNC client (Please take a note, seems like not all vnc client will connect but I tested tight vnc and it works. to connect to your VM without install a VNC server on it. all you need to do is to add some lines in your .vmx file

RemoteDisplay.vnc.enabled = "True"
teDisplay.vnc.port = "7001"
RemoteDisplay.vnc.password = "test"

You can use any port and password.

When ready, you need to connect to your ESX servers useing "
the port is the port you put into your .vmx file in my case is 7001
Click on "
Connect" it will ask for the password. This my case is "test"

Click on "
You are now connected to the VM
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