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Note: This is tip is based on communications between engineering and myself. In most cases there is no need to make any change. This is just for you to know. (This also only based on VI3, not sure if there are changes on vSphere)

Sometimes we see ESX hosts disconnected from vCenter. from the vpxa log files:

['App' 7644 error] [VpxdVmomi] Got vmacore exception: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond.

This error is common in an environment which hosts are under load.

There could be multiple causes for this kind of connection request failure:

1. Network glitch
2. proxy server on hostd is not able to respond the request due to stress.
3. hostd process is busy or crashed at the time the request arrives.

Now, vCenter has a host connection pool, it will store idle connections between ESX server and vCenter. So when there is a need to connect the server, vCenter will not need to create the connections all over again (Which in some cases we will hit the above issues). The default connection size is set at 20. you can increase this (for example to 50)

You need to add to vpxd.cfg files:

Personally, I believe this will help for a large set-up by reducing the connection requests. please note, the active connection is not put into this pool, so in most cases 20 is good enough.
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