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I was working with one of the BCS customer on a case. The customer was originally planing to extend a Windows 2003 VM's OS disk to a larger size. However, after extend the VMDK files with VI client, and extend the NTFS inside Windows (Since this was a Windows 2003 guest, the customer needs to use a helper VM to do the job) after failed to power on the VM, the customer found a shocking fact: there was a snapshot. Then the customer tried to shrink the VMDK file back to the original size... and number of other things was also tried. So when we start to work on this issue, the VMDK file was broken in many different ways alone with the snapshot. To make the thing worse the last and only backup was created right after the extension of the VMDK file.

The end story was, we did recover all the data on the VMDK, the VMDK was not good enough to power on as a boot disk, but that was good enough to save the day. Here was how we did it:

First, list the size of the flat file by using "ls -l" in the VM directory
Keep in mind the number we need is the size of the flat file. In my test set up it's 8589934592. We need this number later. Now we need open the VMDK file (The pointer). In my case snap_test.vmdk:
Note, we need the CID and the RW number.
The RW number is the flat disk size divide by 512.
in my case 8589934592 / 512 = 16777216. If this number is wrong, you will not able to power on the VM. (So first we fix this part).

Now let's open the snapshot VMDK file. snap-test-000001.vmdk

In this file the "parentCID" should be the same as the snap-test.vmdk's CID. In my case 4cc5f033. If this is wrong, then the VM will not power on. (We fixed this one as well). The RW size would be also wrong, since it will only record the original size. Change this to the same size as the parent RW (16777216).
Now we need a helper VM to attach this disk as a second VMDK file (Not boot disk). When the OS boots up it will automatically run check disk against the VMDK and auto fix the errors. Now you should able to mount the disk inside the helper VM and copy over the data.
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