Johnny Zhang
Some times customers may want to change the virtual hardware version back from 7 to 4, there is a way to do this

the first is the VM's vmx file
the part you need to change is:

virtualHW.version = "7" you change this to
virtualHW.version = "4"

No need to change config.version = "8" since ESX 3.x already using this version

Next what you need to change is:
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsisas1068"

this is default for version 7 of the virtual hardware. Version 4 will not understand this virtual controller

You can change to
scsi0.virtualDev = "lsilogic"

The next step is change the .vmdk file of the VM (pointer file)
ddb.virtualHWVersion = "7"

you need to change this to
ddb.virtualHWVersion = "4"

and after that, you should able to power on the VM as hardware version 4

(please note, this is not supported by VMware)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi in 2003 it is working fine. Will it be work for 2008.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    you can go from hwv8 to 7 by just replacing the v8 refs with v7

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