Johnny Zhang
Sometimes we will get a hardware device just won't work on ESX server. There are many different reasons for that. We'd like to first find out if the device is supported and the right device driver is loaded. You can check the HCL online, but what about you are in front of the ESX server and it does not have Internet connection?
You can check the device against file. this file is located at /etc/vmware directory on your ESX server.
Let's use a NIC on my server as an example
esxcfg-nics -l
We can see the device is Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme II 5706 Gigabit Ethernet and the driver is bnx2.
Now we will chaeck this against file
grep -i "bnx2"
We can see the line "device,0x14e4,0x164a,nic,NetXtreme II 5706 Gigabit Ethernet,bnx2.o" We know the device is supported, and the loaded driver is also correct. Now we need look elsewhere for the problem.
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