Johnny Zhang
You can find out the members of the HA cluster from vmware-sites file. This file is located at /etc/opt/vmware/aam/ directory
[root@bs-bcs-h132 aam]# cat vmware-sites
+ 1:8042,8042,8043 bs-bcs-h132 vmware #FT_Agent_Port=8045
+ 2:8042,8042,8043 bs-bcs-h133 vmware

This file will list all members of the HA cluster and the port used. One thing it's helpful here is the P "+" sign. This means the hosts is currently in the HA cluster. If you see a "-" sign then the host is not connected to the HA cluster (either powered of or agent is not running)

NicInfo is a file in the same directory, this file will list all available NICs that HA cluster can see and use
[root@bs-bcs-h132 aam]# cat NicInfo
interface { ipaddress: subnetmask: }
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